Chestnut Tree

Chestnut is a tree of the oak family. Chestnut tree lives up to 500 years old and reach a grand total of 30 meter high. Chestnuts thrive around sandy soil and rocky cliff edges. They generally produce their fruits 5 years after they are infused and reach their peak in 50 to 60 years. For the reason it handles varnish and wood stains it is proffered among top choices. Chestnut is also very hard, this quality makes it perfect for furniture building and wood homes. Ship makers of Black Sea preferred chestnut for building the keel of their boats for many years. It is very prone to decay and rot. For that reason it is also used for railroads, power posts, and ship making. Chestnut trees leaves and flowers are also used in pharmacy and cosmetics. From the younger trees they make baskets and weave wicker baskets. In Anatolia chestnut (castanca sativa) grows around Anatolian shores, Aegean shores to Black Sea shores from Sinop along the hole shore line.

Serander= Shed on Stilts

Seranders are often seen in mid to east Black Sea. They are a type of shed on stilts. They are always away from the main living quarters. Sarenders are never connected to the house, they are further away. Their height is around 5 to 7 metes. Sarenders are designed as a square structure. They are strictly built out of wood. Their roof is cover with tin or wooden shingles for weatherproofing. You climb up to them by a ladder made out of the locust tree. On top of the stilts they use tin or wooden wheelsto keep bugs and rodents away.

Story of the Chestnut

My seed was planted in the ground in 1516. İn 1816 I was turned in to lumber. İ served as a structure for hundreds of years. Just as I thought I was gonna be turned in to firewood. İ met the Aegean beautiful Cedar and Hemlock trees. Sometimes together sometimes individually we are made in to furniture. Today we are here to carry that history to your home.