İCCO CONCEPT has been in business since 1999 in Bodrum under DENİZSEN Group of Companies. Our inspiration is Nature and our material is a hundred year old reclaimed wood. Our production is art and our vision is taking past in to the future.



We are producing indoor and outdoor furniture which stands against time with a twist by our craftsmanship. Our products are carrying the spirit of nature and craftsmanship into your homes to pass onto the future generations.


Completely made of solid wood our handmade doors with metal and copper accents are safe and made with style for you exclusively.


Our design lighting fixtures which are made of wood, copper and metals are not only functional, but aesthetically fullfilling for your needs.


We have to put aside the mass production together. Our designs are strictly made for your taste and needs.


Our production workshop is run by professional craftsman in Bodrum, Tuzla.